Saturday, February 24, 2007

saturday morning

I have a weakness for blueberry donuts, it goes back to early childhood. In fact, I choked on a blueberry donut when I was young and turned blue, despite them almost killing me once, I still love them. This morning after not the best night of sleep I decided to go and get one for breakfast. Jeff and Lance were too lazy to join me so I was going solo which I was excited about because that meant I could continue to listen to my new favorite thing: podcasts! I looked forward to listening to the previous week's message since I missed it because I was back in Kidz Life. Anyways, as I was getting into my car I looked up and saw Lance peeking out our bedroom window. I waved and he got all excited and started dancing. Almost every morning he comes in our room, eats and then he looks out that window, now I know how he looks from the outside.
Something else that hit me this morning and kind of last night is the concept of unconditional love. I have learned that God loves people unconditionally, I never fully grasped this concept. Many people say they understand this when they have a child because they love their child unconditionally. I still didn't quite get it, but I realized today that I do get it, but not from my love for Lance, but in Lance's love for me. I know that when I look back at these very words in years it won't be the same, but Lance right now loves me unconditionally. He loves me and thinks I am the greatest person, he doesn't see my faults, he is swayed by other people's opinion, he doesn't even care what other people think, he LOVES me and he thinks I am the coolest person ever! This idea totally blows me away. He still loves me when I don't pick him up right away or I accidentally let him fall over or I take away a toy from him, he loves me unconditionally. So, he doesn't know any better, but I don't really care because he really loves me, just like God does, and God won't ever not.

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