Wednesday, February 28, 2007

poor baby and poor me

The last four days have been crazy. Let's see. Sunday, I woke up with a sore throat and my nose pouring, I was miserable all day. I also was shocked to find a few grey hairs on my head! My hair is the same color and fineness of my grandmother and mother, and I was happy because that meant I had Manlief hair- hair that does not grey, but some Hannah hair (my father's side of the fam) must have snuck in there. I called my mom all upset because I am only 28 years old, I should not have grey hair yet! She informed me that my father and his side of the family greyed early. NO, I thought, I don't want grey hair early! My father died when I was 8 so I don't remember much about him or his hair color, but my mom said that his hair was mostly grey at the time, is that going to be me, mostly grey?????? All I have to say this, obviously having Lance matured me and stressed me out so much that my hair is turning grey! My mom didn't seem to understand my concern since I am always coloring it and changing up the color every so many months so it doesn't really matter, but it is the principle that now I will HAVE to dye my hair to hide the grey, or maybe I can make a fashion statement by having grey hair! Now what is ironic is I can't seem to get away from grey becuase not only is my hair turning grey, but we now are proud owners of a grey car, well a brownish-grey car . We did it! I am in mourning, but we traded in my favorite car for a family car, or the coolest version of a family car we could find. I am no longer the owner of a silver VW Golf, but a grey Subauru Forrester. We looked a the car a week ago and really liked it but we didn't want to increase our payments by a lot so we told the dealership thanks, but no thanks. They called a week later with a better deal and so we decided to take them up on it since we have been a little smushed in our car since we Lance arrived. I really like our new car, but I loved my Golf, so much so that I cried when we left it at the dealership. I would do anything to go back and buy it back, but it just wasn't practical anymore and we really want to travel this summer and the idea of the three of us in the car for any amount of time over 20 minutes makes me claustrophobic. Not wanting to give up our car was an advantage at getting this one becuase we would not settle for any payment option they threw out at us and we really wheeled and dealed with them. As a result of all this, I must say, I hate car salesmen, but then again, I hate it when people lie to me and I can never tell if they are telling me the truth. When we arrived at the dealership the car salesman asked if we were excited and I said no, I really liked my car, he asked if it would make me feel better to know that it already had a home because they already had someone who wanted our car, now I don't know if he was telling the truth or not, but I really didn't want anyone else to have my car. When we bought it four years ago I expected to have this car until it died, I didn't think then, kids don't really fit, but I had also waited for several years for a Golf, saved my money up for one, and really had fun with my first ever new car. When we bought it, it had only 100 miles on it, it had 63168 when we turned it over, I am already saving up for another one to replace Jeff's car, but it make take me a while and it might be a Rabbit instead of a Golf, but they are practically the same thing anyways. Well enough being sad, poor baby. Lance is sick yet again and yesterday he was so miserable. He could not sleep because of all the mucus and he kept throwing up or at least trying to (actually choking on all the mucus). I took him to the doctor which of course was little help but they did say I could give him some dimetapp which we have been giving to him on a regular basis. He is still very congested and wakes himself up choking. He is so pitiful, but he slept pretty good last night once we finally got him down. He isn't eating very much so I am very engorged and had to pump last night at 5am because I couldn't handle the pain any longer, I didn't want him to eat too much and throw up, and I didn't want my supply to shorten too much so then he would be eating constantly to get the supply back up. The night could have been a lot worse and I am so thankful that it wasn't. My main concern now is that Jeff stays healthy because he is going to Colorado tomorrow for five days of snowboarding. He has been looking forward to this trip for months and it is the trip of a lifetime and it would make me so sad if he wasn't feeling well while he was gone. Jeff has been drinking lots of C-Monsters smoothies to keep himself healthy and I hope that he has a great time, I don't know what I am going to do without him and I hope that Lance and I are feeling better because it could be really rough without him. Speaking of, I need to go check on the little man.

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