Friday, January 12, 2007

why are people so annoying?

I am so annoyed at people right now, and I know I need to let it go, but it just hard. Number 1 annoyance: dog poop in my yard. The city that I live in has an ordinance that owners are suppose to pick up their dog's poop. For some unknown reason, this doesn't seem to apply to our yard. At least once a week I step in dog poop and it is gross and really annoying. This morning Jeff stepped in some while bringing the trashcan from the street to under the stairs. I know that we have a large empty yard, but it is our large empty yard which should be free of dog poo since we don't have a dog!!! I am saving up money to fence in the yard because I don't want to deal with dog poop when Lance is older and will want to play outside.
Number 2 annoyance: people using other people and not being loyal. This doesn't directly affect me, but similar things happen to me. A friend of Jeff's had the owner of the bike shop sell his bike on eBay for him. He bought a new bike yesterday, did he buy it from the bike shop that sold his first bike for him? NO! I can't believe that this guy did this, what was he thinking?????? That is so rude! It is one thing to buy from somewhere else, but don't use the store to sell your bike! It is similar to our customers who will buy skateboard or snowboard stuff at other places and bring it into the shop to show Jeff what they got and tell him about "what a great deal they got." I don't understand these people, why do they think that we want to hear about how they bought something similar to what they could have bought from our store? That reminds me of another situation. Jeff's brother called him one day because he was at TJMaxx and he saw a jacket that was the same brand that Jeff carries in his shop and he told Jeff that the jacket was 99 and asked if Jeff could sell him a jacket for less than 99. Well of course he couldn't because 99 was about cost or less, well he told Jeff he "tried to give him a chance." I think that this was extremely rude. It is one thing to find something that you are looking for cheaper and buying it, but you don't call up the people to rub it in their face! I personally think that he was buying it not because he needed it, but because it was cheap. I also don't understand the lack of loyalty in both cases. My sister and the bike shop owner would not buy something similar somewhere else and they definitely would not tell us about it if they did, they are loyal.
Number 3 annoyance: my clingy child. I love Lance to death, but he is driving me crazy! He wants to be held all the time and only by me. Today I had to go to the bathroom and he screamed and screamed, is it not possible to have a few seconds to myself????? Is that too much to ask???? Last night we were over at our friends' house. They have a rock wall in their basement and I was trying to do a little climbing. Lance wanted me to hold him and every time it was my turn on the wall he would scream. As soon as I would stop and pick him up he would stop and turn to everyone and smile. It was very frustrating because I just wanted a few moments to myself.
On a positive note: I bought some fabric at the store yesterday to make pillows for our couch, I am tired of having non-matching pillows. There were so many beautiful fabrics at the store and I can't wait to go back and find some fabric to make curtains for our bedroom and the playroom and maybe some more for pillows for the couch, I love pillows. I just have to get my sewing materials from Gram's. I had hoped that I had some things stored with my sewing machine, but it is all in the sewing box that Gram has. The only problem is that Gram is a bit senile and thinks that my sewing box is hers, and I hope it won't stress her out too much for me to take it. She won't use it, but she likes for everything to be in its place and she doesn't like change, but that is a whole other story.
Okay so this is longest post ever and there are dirty dishes to put away, I mean clean. Yeah, it is Friday, a rainy Friday, but Friday is Friday no matter the weather!

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