Friday, January 05, 2007

schedule, i wish

This week I have tried to establish a schedule. Wednesday and Thursday we got a schedule down, I was excited that it happened so easily and quickly. Today the schedule has been totally out the window. One thing I have learned about motherhood- change occurs all the time and you can't expect anything to continue. When I was a nanny I had both boys on a schedule and they were very predictable, Lance there is nothing predictable about him. I am a bit tired because instead of his usual 5 am feeding (usual being the last two weeks with one exception) Lance was hungry at 2. He had been getting up at 8 or 9 this morning he was up at 7, in fact he was up before the alarm clock. I was expecting Lance to sleep in since it is a rainy day, but nope he was ready to go. I have not gotten anything done that I have wanted to do today, but it is all good because I have been very productive the last couple of days and I can have one unproductive day. Okay, Lance has decided that he really doesn't want a nap now though he hasn't slept all afternoon.

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