Wednesday, January 24, 2007

road trip

Yesterday I was very spontaneous, which is so not normal me, but I am proud of myself. Jeff was suppose to go down to Winston-Salem to meet with some of his sales reps and I had been playing with the idea of going with him for a week or two and decided this past weekend not to go. The original plan was drive down Monday night, spend the night in a hotel and meet with the reps on Tuesday. When I decided not to go, Jeff decided to just go in one day, leave early in the morning and get back that evening, but after talking to one of the reps he found out that they weren't arriving until the afternoon and leaving early wasn't going to work. Yesterday morning we woke up and I asked Jeff what time he was leaving, he said 11 which was right after an appointment I had, so I asked him if Lance and I could go with him. He said sure so we got ready and packed in case we spent the night and headed down. We borrowed a mini-van so we would have more room and Lance would hopefully enjoy the trip more. He loved the van, he loved being able to see the cars out the back window and all of the amenities the van had. Once we got down there he was great during the meetings, he loved going after the shoes and trying to tear the catalogues apart. Looking at the "back-to-school" women's shoes was fun, but also frustrating. There are so many shoes that I would love to carry and it is so hard to figure out what will sell and how to get people in the shop to buy what we have. I wish I could order one of everything that I liked, but to try and narrow it down to one or two and then to get women into the shop instead of the mall is hard. Oh, and I didn't even think about hoping that whatever style I choose won't be at PacSun, but be popular! AHHHH, it is enough to make my head spin! Well the meetings with the reps didn't take as long as we thought they might so we headed to Greensboro to go to dinner and while we were there we stopped at one of my favorite places: the Fresh Market! I so wish we had one in town, maybe one day when we aren't so poor we will and I can shop there! Well the day was fun and I am proud that I didn't just stay at home and I did something spontaneous.

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