Thursday, January 18, 2007


lance loving his ability to reach all of this toy boxes with his new talent of pulling up

smiling big for the camera

eating his prunes!

Last night was a rough night for all of us. Lance was up a lot and very clingy. Jeff and I felt horrible due to our colds, sinus, whatever is wrong with us. I remember at 1 am saying- why can't we just sleep? I was so frustrated, it reminded me of the first weeks with Lance. What was so frustrating was we know we can sleep longer than 3 hour stretches, but for some reason he hasn't been sleeping well lately. I know that this too will pass, but it is hard in the moment. I remember those first couple of weeks dreading night time because it seemed to last forever and thinking that the no sleep was going to last forever.
Well I was feeling kind of blah today, but when I was uploading the pictures from my camera to my computer I realized I have one happy kid. He is always smiling and he doesn't just smile with his mouth, his eyes get all squinty (he gets that from his dad), his cheeks get fuller and he just radiates. He also knows that he is suppose to smile for the camera, it is funny to watch.
Yesterday Lance started doing something new. He won't clap his own hands but he likes to hold onto my hands and clap my hands. We had a good time clapping and laughing last night.
Before Christmas when Lance and I were working at the store I had a theory or should I say a hypothesis that Lance would always poop after spending a few minutes in the exersaucer. It seemed like every time we would get to the store I would stick him in to get a few things going and before I know it there was a foul smell coming from Lance. Tuesday Jeff brought the exersaucer home with him since we aren't working there anymore regularly and yesterday I stuck Lance in to play and sure enough he had worked up a dirty diaper. Also when I was helping John with his homework Lance was playing in the exersaucer and when I pulled him out I noticed the poopy smell. So I think my theory/hypothesis is correct, the exersaucer for whatever reason relieves constipation in Lance and it is a lot easier than feeding him prunes!

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