Saturday, January 27, 2007

no more mucus, please

Poor Lance, I wish he could get over this cold. Last night we were playing in the living room and he spit up/ threw up on me, gross! The kid has way to much mucus in his nose and going down the back of his throat! He is also very gassy from sucking in so much air while trying to eat. The worst though was last night when I fed him and then he threw it all back up on me, I was covered. Jeff tried to help, but it kind of irritated me because he didn't really help. Lance had just eaten and I wanted him to give him some gas drops in hopes of helping his belly, well he gagged on the drops and up came all the milk he drank. So here I am covered in spit up and Jeff jumps up grabs a roll of paper towels. All I wanted him to do was grab the baby, but he gets up and gets paper towels and then wipes off the baby. Here I was covered in milk and he doesn't even take the baby from me immediately!! He finally takes the baby, and I go up and change clothes. I come back down and hold Lance until he is ready to eat some more. At this point I am dreading what feeding him and what the night may hold. Praise God, he slept really well, only got up once to feed and only has kept all milk down. This cold is very upsetting because he is not feeling well and the fact that it will continue to happen, this is just the beginning. It makes me wonder, why did God make viruses? What is their purpose? Do they do anything good? Will we ever be able to defeat them?
On a positive note, Grandma babysat for a few hours last night so we were able to go hang out with some people without Lance, it was nice to be away for a bit. Well I can't waste all of nap time on the computer, must go be productive.

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