Wednesday, January 03, 2007

9 loads

Yesterday I did laundry and I did laundry and I did laundry. I did 9 loads and I did two more this morning. When I got in bed last night at 11 I did not want to fold another item for weeks, but since I wasn't quite done I knew it was only going to be 12 hours before I was folding again, but now it can be awhile, a few days! Everything in my house is clean, it is nice! Today Lance and I have been working on putting away the Christmas decorations which makes me sad because I love them. Our tree which we took down on Sunday was my favorite tree ever, and my new ornanments for the dining room and window greenery looked nice, and then I always feel sad putting away the navitiy, but if I left it out all year it wouldn't be special. On an exciting note Lance can go from lying down to sitting up. Lance woke me up this morning and before I went into his room I jumped in the shower since it takes him while to wake up. When I did go in I was surprised to see Lance sitting up. I did not know he could go from laying down to sitting up. When Jeff came home from lunch I told him the exciting news, he wasn't impressed and said that he had seen him do that before. I was still pretty excited. He has also started kind of bobbing his head to music, it is really cute. I tried to get him dancing on the video camera but he just smiled and he also wouldn't do it for Jeff. Oh well, it can be our secret. Well I should get back to putting away Christmas decorations so I can be done.

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