Friday, September 08, 2006

we got a laugh

Up until this week Lance would not laugh. He makes all kinds of crazy noises and we joke about how we have a pig or a bird in the house, but we didn't get any laughs until Wednesday. I went over to my friend Erica's house and we went towards the backyard to say hello to her German shepherds. The dogs jumped up and put there front paws on the top of the fence and for some reason Lance decided that this was the funniest thing he had ever seen and laughed. He was so tickled, I couldn't get over it. I called Jeff and told him we needed to get a dog so Lance would laugh more, Jeff didn't jump on board, darn. I am very curious why Erica's dogs created laughter considering my mom's three legged Jack Russell had not spawned laughter nor my in-laws half golden retriever, half chow, a.k.a. large mass of hair looking like a lion, did not get a giggle out of him, but two huge, scary German shepherds got a giggle. Last night I also got him to laugh for my family. Lance loves my younger sister Amy which is funny because Amy isn't too thrilled about babies. I kept swinging Lance close to Amy and he began to giggle. It cracks me up how nuts he is over Amy. He can be upset and crying but he looks at her and just smiles, now laughs. So hopefully the laughter will continue because there is no better sound, well maybe I will take that back when he can say "mommy."

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