Friday, September 15, 2006

reflections from this week

First off, my husband is amazing. Yeah, everyone thinks their husband is amazing, but Jeff really amazes me. Sunday was the day of the annual Peaksview Mountain Bike Race and we always try to attend. We both competed two years ago and we just watched last year since I was suffering from all day sickness and we both were out of shape. This year Jeff decided two days before that he was going to compete which is a big deal since he has ridden his bike a handful of times since Lance came on the scene. I tried to get him to race novice since he hadn't ridden much, but he said that he had to race sport (sport does 2- 8 mile laps and novice only has to do one 8 mile lap). Jeff claimed once you are sport you can't suddenly move down to a beginner level. He said he wasn't planning on placing, he just wanted to finish. I honestly didn't think that Jeff would be able to finish at all. (Note: at this point we thought the course was the same as in the past and that he would be racing 12 miles, not the 16 he did.) Jeff not only completed the race, but he placed 13th in his age group, which is great for someone with little training and being the oldest in his age group (33 in the 18-33 age group). He also beat his brother which surprised me since his brother rides all the time. The amazement doesn't stop there, Jeff got home and worked on the roof, cut the grass, and grilled chicken on the grill for dinner. If I did 16 miles I would be dead to the world the rest of the afternoon, but he was quite productive. I suppose he was right, it is mind over matter. Good job Jeffrey!
Secondly, I thought that things were suppose to get easier with age when it comes to Lance. Just when I think I have mastered nursing, things go sour, well I should say sore. I don't know what he has done, but I am so sore especially on one side; it is almost as bad as it was in the beginning. This morning I pumped the bad side so I wouldn't have to endure any pain and hopefully heal faster. I am not going to give up, I have made it this far and it is so good for him. It was nice though giving him a bottle this morning, it makes me wonder if I like nursing, but then again, it shouldn't be all about what I like.
Thirdly, fake meat seems to be identical to real meat. I gave up red meat years ago, and Jeff doesn't eat it often since I don't, but he does miss tacos. So, to do something nice for him I bought the Morning Star Crumbles and made tacos. It looked so much like red meat it kind of grossed me out and I almost didn't try it, but I did and it was good. I can't say whether it tasted like red meat because I don't remember what red meat tastes like, but I would use it again.
I realized this week that I miss having mega cleaning sprees like I did before Lance. Before Lance I would spend the whole day cleaning and organizing the house. It is hard trying to get the basics done and there is so much more to do. Part of the difficulty lies in that I can only clean while Lance is asleep and the other is that we are sometimes working at the store during our long afternoon nap. It is also hard to make progress in some rooms like our bedroom when we have the futon mattress in there awaiting the room downstairs to be cleaned up and the ceiling repaired. I am able to keep the bed made, my bathroom clean, the living room picked up, and the kitchen in pretty good shape so it keeps me sane, but I keep thinking about how much I could get done and how nice everything would look if I could have one whole day to myself. Maybe in a few years.
It never ceases to amaze me how time can be wasted easily and without me realizing it. I will sit down for a second and the next thing I know an hour as passed and I have gotten nothing done. I need to get better at time management skills and I need to get up earlier, it is just so hard some days. Speaking of time, I need to get something done here.

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