Wednesday, September 06, 2006

mixed emotions

Yesterday I found out that my grandparents' house caught on fire and is destroyed. We no longer own the house, my family sold it a month ago, but it is sad that the house is destroyed. I am angry at the new owners that they couldn't take care of this house that my grandparents loved and worked so hard on, my grandfather remodeled the upstairs himself. Gram (my grandma) has dementia and doesn't even know that we have sold the house and she would be devastated to know that it is gone. I also feel bad for the young couple because they just lost their house and all of their possessions and they were only there for one month. I am also very thankful that the fire occurred when we had already removed all the valuables and mementos. I am also thankful that if it was going to happen that it happened when someone else owned it because trying to deal with a fire from out of state would be very difficult and the insurance company would probably have problems since the house was sitting empty. I know that a house is just walls and a roof, but there are so many memories there and it is one less thing that reminds me of my grandparents. I really can't grasp the concept that their house caught on fire and will never be the same again. The next door neighbor told my mom that the house was completely engulfed in ten minutes. Ten minutes was all it took to destroy 57 years of life. I know it is just a house, but it is so much more, a symbol of my grandparents. It was hard a month ago to accept that someone else now owned their home and now this. I am just a mix of emotions when trying to understand what has happened.

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