Saturday, September 02, 2006

saturday morning

Lance slept through the night, well, he woke up once, but I didn't have to feed him so that counts as sleeping through the night. This is so exciting, I hope that this will be a trend that will continue. Waking up this morning was so nice, it was bright and sunny which is the complete opposite of the last couple of rainy, cloudy mornings. The air is cool and everything looks so crisp. I can't wait for fall, this is so exciting! I wanna break out all my sweaters. My love for spring/ summer might be a changing to an all season kind of love. Right now I am so thankful for being able to not work full time and to be able to enjoy the fall instead of being upset that it is the end of the freedom of summer. It amazes me how like the Johnson and Johnson ad says, "having a baby changes everything." It really does.

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