Tuesday, September 19, 2006

me, the social butteryfly

I am proud of myself. Finally, after being invited 5 months ago made to a women's Bible study that meets Monday mornings from my church. It was very refreshing especially since I let the college students watch Lance so I could have a break for an hour. This is the first time that I have allowed anyone other than Jeff or our moms to care for Lance. We are also babysitting this afternoon for my friend's children. Tomorrow we are meeting up with Jamie and her little one and Thursday we are meeting up with some other moms at the park. Oh and I hopefully will be walking with Erica this week too. I am such an extremist socially, I go from only hanging out with Erica to spending time with 20 people, all in one week. Speaking of being social, I did realize, I do miss one thing about teaching: talking to about 100 people a day.

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