Saturday, August 05, 2006

happy anniversary

Happy Anniversay Jeff. It has been six years today and I am thankful that you love me and put up with me.
Today is also the first day of our beach vacation and hopefully Lance will like the beach as much as Jeff and I. Unfortunately Jeff is starting this trip not too happy with me. For months now I have wanted another pair of Teva Flip Flops. I asked Jeff to buy them for me as a gift for bearing his child (a joke between us). He never got around to it and I even tried to go purchase some myself but the outdoor store was out. I stopped bugging Jeff about the flip flops and just figured I would purchase them when we went to the beach. The other day I went to check my e-mail on the computer and I noticed that the page was open to the Reef website. I thought that was strange, but I didn't think much of it. On Thursday while I was making lunch Jeff came into the kitchen and said that he had a confession to make. He said he was very sorry, and he had been looking at every online store and the reef website and he was unable to find my flip flops. I laughed and told him that the reason he couldn't find them was because they weren't reefs, but tevas. He then blushed when he realized that he just blabbed that he was trying to buy them for me as a gift. We both laughed at how mixed up he had gotten and how easy it would have been for him to check the brand considering that my old shoes were on the front porch. Well last night Jeff surprised me with a anniversary present. It was a box and I was curious as to how he got ahold of a pair of tevas. The box said Chacos on it and I looked confused, Jeff then said, "it is not what you think." I processed that as it wasn't a pair of Chacos, but a pair of tevas. I opened the box and there was a pair of turqouise Chacos. I looked up at Jeff confused and without thinking said, "this isn't what I want." Sometimes I wish I could just hold my tongue and that I had the ability to lie. Unfortunately, I announced my true feelings and told him that I didn't wamt them and I was upset that he would spend money on more expensive shoes that I didn't want. From past gift mistakes, I have learned that I have to be very specific on what I would like to receive, that is, drop major hints! Jeff was hurt and my friend Christy said I should have been happy about the gift, but I don't know how to get excited about something that I know is expensive and that I don't need (money is tight right now). I apoligized to Jeff and tried to explain why I didn't want the nicer, better pair of sandals. It was then that Jeff confessed he got them for me because he would like to have a pair. I then told him to exchange the sandals for a pair that would fit him, he then told me that he didn't want a pair and he had plenty of shoes and several that he never wears. So I started out our sixth wedding anniversary by not accepting and liking my anniversary gift, and that is why I am so thankful that not only that Jeff loves me, but he puts up with me.

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