Friday, August 25, 2006

happy 4 months

WOW! Lance is four months old today, time went by really slowly at first but now it is really flying by. This week also flew by and I have gotten nothing down. Lance and I have been opening the store this week. Being at the store makes it difficult for me to get anything done at home because nap time has been spent here and not at home where the laundry needs to be folded, the house swept and vacuumed, and all kinds of other household chores. Lance did sleep pretty good last night, he got up at 1:30 and then not again until 6:45 which is awesome since he had been waking every 2 hours this past week. It is amazing how four to five hours of continuous sleep makes the day go by so much better. Lance and I went by school yesterday to see everyone since it was open house/registration. It was weird seeing my classroom looking similar, but different. Going back did not make me wish I was there nor make me feel like I was missing out. It really confirmed that I was doing the right thing and that life as I know it was not going to end. I kind of got some closure seeing everyone ready and my classroom with someone else in it. I don't feel the impeding doom of the end of summer. I am so use to enjoying summer but always having the start of school hanging over me and knowing that my routine was going to be over soon, but now that I see everyone ready and that it has already started I guess I finally realize that I don't have to go back. Wahoo, I am free! Well actually to some I am pretty trapped with a four month old, but life with him seems so much freer to me. It is all about perspective I guess.

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