Thursday, August 31, 2006

2 hours

I can't believe that Lance's doctor's appointment took two hours! The longest part was just waiting for the nurse to come in and give Lance his vaccinations. Because it took so long at the doctor, we were late getting to the shop, but it didn't matter since no one has come in! It is so frustrating because four days a week we come to the shop for two hours and we rarely get any customers. It can be a pain to come over at noon and then I usually end of staying here later than two because Lance is taking a nap. I would rather be at home, but saying something would contradict my latest decision I need to make, whether to take on a few hours of prep work at Magnolia. I would like to go do prep work two or three days a week , but I don't know what to do with Lance and if I wanted to stay at home, why am I trying to work? Before Lance I had a major problem with being over scheduled. I do not want to get myself committed to too many things and not have time to enjoy Lance. I have been writing down the pros and cons to working and I was leading more to working, but today I am leaning towards saying no. I wish it wasn't so confusing. Right now I am thinking about not doing it because I need time to rest and I am already busy and not home a lot.

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