Wednesday, July 05, 2006

the sky is falling

The sky is falling, if you are in our downstairs bedroom that is. The ceiling was cracked when we first bought the house two years ago and this spring we noticed that it was sagging down a couple of inches. For the last couple of months we had been using the room for storage and after Lance was born I did not have the time or energy to clean up the room. My friend Christy was going to be staying with us for a few days, so that was the motivation I needed to clean up the room. A week ago Sunday, we carted out the large computer desk and rearranged the room. Jeff also took the ceiling fan down thinking that it was causing the ceiling to sag and that it would help to relieve the tension and save the fan in case the ceiling did fall. For the next couple of days I cleaned up the room and actually got it to be very functional and feel comfortable (it had always felt very cramped while the computer desk was in there). I was very proud of my new functional room and we actually spent time in there. Tuesday after being out all afternooon we discovered that the ceiling had fallen while we were gone. Half of the ceiling was now on the floor and the futon. I couldn't believe that it had actually fallen and I was so thankful that we weren't home, but more importantly that no one was in the room when it happened. The chunks that are lying around are quite heavy and could have really hurt someone. If she is reading this, Christy is probably quite thankful that the ceiling did not fall five days ago when she was alseep in there, don't worry Christy, it wouldn't have fallen on your head! The ironic thing is the lamp that I love was broken, but the one I hate is magically intact and functional, go figure. So after all my hard work to get the room organized, it is a bigger mess than ever. What have we learned: the ceiling fan was actually holding the ceiling up and once we removed it, there was nothing else to keep it from falling. I hope this will motivate Jeff to repair it soon- I miss my new "den." I wonder if I can hang sheet rock myself.

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