Saturday, July 01, 2006

our new job- women's buyer

Today is the first day of our new job. Lance and I are currently working at our store. We moved in all the baby gear this morning. I wonder what my husband really thinks of all the baby gear in his skate shop. I brought with me everything I thought i would need: a pack'n'play, the baby sling, blankets, and diapers. My new role not only is to help customers, but build up the inventory of women clothing and accessories. When we first opened the store I had Roxy clothing and Globe shoes, but it was a lot of work and when I began teaching I was not able to keep hassling Jeff about women's products and so it kind of fell by the wayside. So now I am back and I have to figure out what women's line to pick up and even harder- figure out what would sell, order it and get women in here to buy it. I am currently so out of the loop on fashion since being pregnant. I decided to start by ordering some tees from American Apparel tees and screenprinting them. I need to come up with some girlie, fun designs for the t-shirts. Not only is a little overwhelming to jump back and be cool again, but I need women's clothing and shoes by an event we are participating in by the middle of August. Well, I should go see if I can practice gripping a deck so I can do that on my own. I wonder if I can do it while having Lance in the Baby Bjorn.

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