Friday, June 30, 2006

my sleepyhead

Lance got his first set of vaccines on Monday and ever since he has been such a sleepyhead. Last night he went about 8.5 hours between feedings, I think that is the longest he has gone. He has been asleep more than awake so far today. Yesterday whenever we put him in the car he would be out by the time we got going. I hope he isn’t coming down with something and he is just growing. He was a little below average for height when they measured him, but then again he really didn’t want to stretch himself out to be measured, and he sure looks long to me.
Last night we had some friends over for a cookout, it was so much fun. Our friends have an 11th month old who is so big in comparison to Lance. I always think that Lance is such a big boy until I take one look at Colin and realize how small he really is. (Now Colin is by no means fat, he is just so tall and a lot older than Lance.)
Yesterday I also ran into John and Thomas who I use to nanny for. I haven’t seen them in two months and they are looking so grown up. Lance is the same age John was when I first started watching him, it seems like ages ago, but then again just like it was yesterday. John is now six years old and such a little man. I miss spending time with him and Thomas. We did make tentative plans to get together on Monday, so that will be nice.
Today Christy, Erica, and I went out for lunch. It was nice having the three of us hanging out, we use to do it a lot our first year teaching. I miss those good old days. Christy and I are still trying to convince Erica to become the three musketeers once again and quit her job. I think she still might leave closer to the fall when she realizes she has to leave Colin.
Well I hear Lance wailing, so he must be up. Hi Christy’s Mom! I hope when Lance likes the car a bit more we can come up for a visit!

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