Thursday, June 22, 2006

what will today bring?

So far today doesn't look promising. Lance woke up screaming at about 4:30 last night- less than an hour after a feeding. Jeff concluded that he woke up because his nose was stuffed up. So he got out the aspirator and tried to get things breathable for little guy. All it did was really make him mad. I got him calm with another feeding and in the middle of the snack he let out one large sneeze and the nose was then nice and clean, no mr. snorty anymore. I got him back to sleep and handed him to Jeff to put in the bassinet. As soon as he hit the mattress he was screaming. Like any good dad, Jeff picked him up and rocked him to sleep, set him down again, and he started screaming again. We were both so tired and all I wanted to do was go back to sleep, but Lance wanted nothing to do with his bed. Lance would be dead asleep, but as soon as his head hit the mattress he was up and wailing. What are two tired parents going to do? The possible bad habit- let him sleep in bed with us. Little stinky even slept well on his back (he normally hates it, yes I know it is dangerous with SIDS but you gotta get some sleep!) and he rotated from being parallel to the bed to perpendicular. He was up at 7:30 and after his breakfast I thought he would go back to sleep, but no such luck. I put him in the swing hoping he would enjoy it for maybe 5 minutes so I could eat breakfast- no such luck. I let him scream for a few and then I scooped him up and now he is asleep in my arms while I type, it amazes me how he can sleep through the constant vibrations of my typing, yet he would probably wake up if I try and set him down in bed.
Well an updated on yesterday- work wasn't too bad. We got there a few minutes after two. Lance was still asleep so I cruised the internet until he woke up. He ate I think a little after three and then we played with the mirror and had tummy time until around 4 when he got fussy. I put him in the sling (yes I am trendy like that, I have to be, I have a baby who has to be held all the time) and he fell asleep. Then the crowds came rolling in at about 4:30 and I stayed busy until right before six. Being busy helped the time fly by which was nice, so being at the shop isn't too bad, I could get use to it, I just need to master my grip taping skills.
Okay I have rambled enough. Time to get ready for the day little stinky is awake!

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