Wednesday, June 21, 2006

so i want to be cool too

Meet Lance- he is almost 2 months old and literally the center of my life. I think he is pretty cute, but don't all parents. Since life has slowed down with the arrival of Lance, I have a new guilty pleasure, reading blogs. So I wanted to be cool too and start my own. Especially since my good friend Christy is moving away and it will be a good way of keeping her updated on "Life with Lance." Above are some older pics of Lance, I will be sure to get more recent ones soon. Isn't he cute- I sure think so. So today- let's see. We took a walk down the avenue this morning before it got too hot and got some limeade at the Mag. They really need to have a frequent limeade card so those of us addicted to limeade could reap some reward for being addicted to it. Lance fell asleep on the way home but as soon as the stroller stopped he was awake and ready to eat. That kid will not go a second longer than two hours between feedings, but I shouldn't complain too much, he sleeps well at night. After lances lunch, Jeff helped me to prepare omelets for us for lunch, I had never made an omelet before. I wasn't very patient, but they turned out pretty good. Lance is down for a nap now and hopefully will sleep well so he won't be cranky when we go in for our first day of work at the shop. I pray that I won't have to make this a regular thing, but if it will keep me from returning to teaching it will be okay. When it comes to finances we figured out it would make more sense for me to work at the shop a couple of hours and for Jeff to work full time. The idea of being at the skate shop for several hours isn't that appealing, but you got to do what your got to do. I guess I am just spoiled with staying at home and having no schedule or demands, other than Lance. Wow, so far my life seems very boring, who would want to read about this? Oh well, at least I am now cool.

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