Tuesday, June 03, 2014

change is on the horizon

So a few months ago, I was thirsty for change. 
Change is coming and our wide open summer just got a whole lot shorter.
The biggest of all changes, I got a full time job!
This is bittersweet.
Sweet because it means more income, no more night classes and benefits.
It is bitter because it means no more volunteering at the kids school, Mondays with Jeff, and days home alone to clean, organize, relax.
So after 8 years I am going back to work full time, kind of excited, kind of nervous, kind of sad, kind of happy.
So this new job cuts two weeks off of my summer, I have to attend New Teacher Orientation and Teacher workdays.
I also have to attend an AP conference so that is another week off of summer, this means I will be working all of August.  I decided to take a graduate plant class being offered so I can get that out of the way so that takes a bit out of 3 more weeks of the summer, so I am now left with the month of July.
I like to be busy and since school has ended I have been a little lost without my regular routine so it is good, but it is hard too.
This is the kids last week of school and my last week of freedom, my last week I will ever be home alone.
Life is definitely going to be busy in the future, but it is what we all need.


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