Tuesday, March 25, 2014

when a coating turns into 6 inches

This morning we they were calling for a coating to an inch of snow.
It started snowing about 6:30 am, my classes were cancelled, but the kids school wasn't, so we got up and ready for school.
When we left for school it was snowing.  I volunteering in the school library for an hour when I left school it was still snowing.  At noon, when the snow was suppose to be rain at this point it was still snowing and it was already close to 4 inches.  At one o'clock it was still snowing heavily so I went and picked the kids up early from school because our neighborhood wasn't bad, but my mom's neighborhood was and that is where the bus drops off the kids.  The kids came home and played for a bit and then we went outside to play.  At this point we had six inches of snow.  The weather people totally got this one wrong and no one saw this coming. 
Around 3pm, six inches on the ground

The snow was perfect for snowman making, here is our hopefully last snowman of the season

So we got an unexpected spring snowstorm.  6 inches, we saw a lot of snow this year, not really accumulating, one snow that was 8 or 9 inches and then this one.  Both snowstorms were late, I like my snow Christmas and mid-January, I like late February and March to be spring like. 

Six inches, we got two good snows this year, I am content and ready to move on to spring, for real now.

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