Thursday, March 27, 2014

7 Fast- clothing and possessions day 1

This week's fast is clothing and food.  It's not the greatest picture but above are the 7 articles of clothing that I am going to mix and match from for the next week.  Today I wore the khaki pants, the white shirt, and the navy sweatshirt.  So far, this isn't a big deal for me considering it the first day and haven't repeated anything yet, let's see how I feel come Monday after I have worn everything at least once.  This week we are doubling up the 7 study and besides clothing, we are giving away or setting aside 7 items a day to give away.  After talking with everyone last night I decided that I would start today off by choosing 7 items from my clothing that I like, but don't really wear and I could donate to a clothing closet in town.  So I have set aside 7 items of clothing that are one the nicer side, ones that I would normally yard sale of e-bay and I am going to donate them in hopes that someone who needs clothes for a professional job could use some nicer clothes.  Today also was the return to all my normal foods, sugar, bread, etc, I have been thinking about what I have been missing out all week and so far, my chick-fil-a breakfast that I had been looking forward to since Monday just wasn't all I had hoped for, it could have been that I was so hungry that I didn't stop and enjoy it, but it was a bit of a let down.  I think there is an application lesson in there: sometimes the things we think we want and don't have and might be envious about, really aren't that wonderful when we do get them. So week 2, so far, so good, but the real lessons are coming.

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