Tuesday, January 21, 2014

the snow that never came

The national weather service predicted 3-5 inches. 
Local news said 2-4. 
An amateur meteorologist I followed said 1-2. 
What happened?
A half an inch if you round up.

The ground is somewhat covered, the sidewalks 50/50, and the roads are wet, but there's no school tomorrow for the kids.
It is suppose to get cold tonight, 4 degrees Fahrenheit and the wet will freeze and it will be nasty in the morning, but two hours delayed sounds appropriate.
Wednesday is my cleaning day and I will have kids at home, not good.
It has been a very disappointing day.
When the weather people predict snow a week out it never turns into anything.
When they decide it is going to snow a day or two ahead of a storm it usually does, except for days like today when it doesn't.
It was suppose to start at 6 am, at 6, nothing.
Then they said mid-morning, still nothing.
Then it was 1-2, and it continued to do nothing.
Finally a little before 3pm some very fine wintery stuff fell and kept falling, but it was so fine and dry that it really didn't accumulate.

Overall today was a total snow bust.
What makes things even worse, it isn't suppose to get anywhere close to 50 degrees in the next 10 days.
Ahhhhhhh!  I want my global warming back.

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