Thursday, January 30, 2014

i got nothing

Wednesday was a snow day, just really without the snow and it was really cold which made for a really rough day.  My kids would love to just watch Netflix all day, but I won't let them, I make them, play with toys, yes I know I am horrible mother.  I also make them do school work on snow days, yes the crimes I have committed, at least according to my children.  It was a tough day because we lost our rhythm. We were in a good stay-at-home rhythm over Winter Break, but then the kids started back to school, well kind of. Due to cold days and kind of snow days they have had many 2 hour delay days. Yesterday was totally blah, it was cold, there was a little bit of snow, but not enough to play in it. It was just a cold, boring day.  We did go for a walk, but Lance complained the whole time and the cold headwind was brutal on the way home. I did get laundry done so something was accomplished. We did sing our hearts out to the songs from "Frozen" so we did have some fun, but overall it was just blah. 
Today was also a blah day too.  Thank goodness tomorrow is January 31st, I am ready for a new month, a fresh start, a month closer to spring.  Is it just me or is January the longest month ever? 
the only little snowball we could make with the dry and barely there snow

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