Monday, January 27, 2014

a case of the Mondays, but a good dinner to make up for it

Today I had the Monday blahs. My allergies have been bothering me so that contributed some to my lack of anything constructive.  I also threw a baby shower for a friend yesterday so after cleaning up the kitchen three times in one day and most of the house, I didn't feel like it today.  I got nothing done today.  Well I did finish reading Orange is the New Black, and it was very good, not at all the fluff I first thought it would be.  I love when books change my perspective on things.
I also did make our last new meal of January and I saved the best for last.  I had seen on Pinterest a blog post about grilling recipes and despite the fact we are in the middle of winter I wanted to try a grill recipe and I did.  Pork Chops on the grill, it was so good.  I also made homemade french fries which were delicious as well.  We don't eat beef, but this pork chop recipe reminded me a lot of a steak, but it wasn't chewy or heavy like how I remember steaks to be.  It has been, well let's see over 14 years since I have had a steak.  WOW! I didn't realized it had been that long.  I don't miss steak, but it is kind of fun to know how a recipe that is similar to one that I can prepare for my beef eating/steak loving family and friends. I used the steak seasoning recipe she has given, but because I was out of dill I used tarragon instead. I don't know how much it changed the flavoring, especially since my tarragon is old, but regardless it was good. So this month we have tried quite a few new recipes and thanks to Pinterest our meal database has grown this month.

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