Wednesday, May 09, 2012


The weather has been quite unusual, it is like the months have been re-arranged, March was more like May (was in the 80s several times), April like March (it was cold and snowed in the mountains and we had to put the heat on) and well May though we are barely in it seems more like April (April showers and cool temperatures.  Despite it all we have had several spring adventures.

We went strawberry picking up in the mountains the Sunday after Lance's party, it was a beautiful sunny, warm day, the kind of day and thanks to the cool temperatures and lots of rain not many people had been up to pick so we got the best strawberries we have had in years.

the view from the strawberry patch

very hard at work looking for the very best strawberries

Lily did more sampling then actual picking

the rows of strawberries
This spring we also got to watch as a pair of cardinals made a next in the bushes adjacent to our porch, sit on their eggs, feed the hatchlings, and feed and communicate with the fledglings.  I didn't realize that babies only stay in the next for a little over a week before they are ready to leave the next, they grew up so fast.

one of our babies right after he left the nest, but before he could fly
 I also have been able to enjoy some time to myself and just with Jeff since I am done with school but the kids aren't.  Even though it is really weird being at home without the kids, or really anywhere, I have tried to make use of my time.  One Monday afternoon during Lily's long day at preschool, Jeff and I took a hike in the rain, it was nice and quiet, though we did get a little wet.  We have forgotten what life without kids was like, so it is fun to do stuff like what we use to do together.
wet dandelion from our wet walk in the woods

We have also taken a lot of bike rides or at least the kids have done lots of riding.  Their favorite afternoon activity is riding their trikes around the driveway.  In the evenings we also take walks down the street with the kids on their trikes.

Lily taking off down the street
 We also have gone on the bike trail several times and this past weekend, Lily rode on her "new" princess bike with training wheels.  She was a little nervous, but she did great, she looks too little to be able to ride the bike, but she has figured out the brakes and pedaling easily.  Lance also has improved in riding his "real" bike, though he still get nervous and would like to ride a bike with training wheels or a 3 wheeler.

the kids heading down the trail

after years of complaining about the seat hurting my tailbone, I have found a comfort bike I love

Lance showing off his new blue bike, Jeff and him repainted his bike (it was red)

Lily crossing the river

taking a break for a swing

So, so far, spring has been busy, but we have taken advantage of the warm weather and sun when we get it and spent a lot of time outside.  I am looking forward to summer and all the adventures we have planned and riding our bikes to the pool, now if the weather will just cooperate.

lily taking her princess bike out on the sidewalk for the first time

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