Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patties Day

I have a huge to-do list, why do I set myself up like this, with way too much on my plate and trying to do it all? The maddening thing is, this week is harried but in two months I might have nothing. Despite needing to get my to do list knocked out we spent done tim outside, it is gorgeous out. Despite crying and whining and lots of protesting, Lance went for a bike ride on the trail. He hadn't been on his bike in months so I was worried it like starting over, but it came back quickly and he did better than he ever had. He was a rockstar and I am so proud of him. Lily also was awesome, she actually stayed in the stroller, normally she wants to get out and push. So Lance has mastered going and stopping, now we just have to work on starting, riding to the pool this summer might actually happen, do excited!
we timed it perfectly and saw a train cross the trestle
lance getting the hanging of it again
he got his confidence back and took off
how lily rolled

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