Thursday, February 23, 2012

what a week

Saturday there was this:
walk in the woods on a warm day
The weather was sunny and the high was 60.
We went for a walk on the trail and enjoyed the warm, spring like weather.
it is amazing how plants will grow anywhere
 We saw signs on spring, we looked forward to continued warmer temperatures and everything turning green and beautiful.

Then on Sunday, we had this:
as soon as the snow started accumulating lily was out and playing
It started snowing around noon and didn't stop until 10pm that night.
all cozy beneath a blanket of snow
It took awhile for it to stick since it had been so warm the day before.

the yard toys covered with snow
But eventually everything including the roads were covered. We got about 8 inches of snow.
It was crazy, my kids loved it though:
lily loved the snow
Despite running a low grade fever and a bad cough Lily had played outside in the snow, she probably shouldn't have being sick and all, but this is our one and only snow this winter and I couldn't let her miss out.
Monday morning my classes were cancelled so we headed down the street for some fun in the snow before it melted. 
enjoying the sun after a very dreary Sunday snow day
We went out about 9:30 and it is a good thing, by the time we headed in around 11 the snow had melted substantially.
getting ready to head down the hill
It was amazing how 8 inches of snow could disappear so quickly.
lance enjoying the sunny snow day
By late afternoon you won't have known we had gotten more than an inch of snow on the ground.

Then yesterday, Wednesday we had this:
62 degrees 2-3 days after an 8 inch snowfall
and today it is suppose to be 70, it isn't a surprise that everyone is all congested, this weather is quite a roller coaster, we even had a thunderstorm last night, which was quite a surprise.
There are still a few piles of snow hiding out in the shade, somehow surviving the 60 degree weather, it seems weird to see a pile of snow when it is warm enough to be without a jacket.
the remains of our snowman
So it went from warm, spring to snowy winter, back to spring in five days.  Our one and only snow for the winter has come and gone and I am ready for spring and summer, but thankful for our one snowfall because it would be sad if we went a whole winter without one.

On totally unrelated news, to add to this crazy week: our washing machine is broken.  I normally do laundry on Thursdays and the bedsheets on Saturdays but in preparation for Disney and some extra motivation I did a load of laundry last night.  Shortly after starting the load, I realized that the washing machine wasn't not  emptying and spinning.  Upon investigation we discovered a part had broken, the door open sensor. Thanks to the Internet and Google we figured out what was broken with the machine and how to take the washing machine apart to get the broken part.  So today on my laundry day this is what my machine looks like:
Hopefully a local store in town will have the part we need so we don't have to order it.  I am thankful we found the problem and it isn't too big of a problem, but a little disappointed because I would love a front loading machine, I just don't want to spend the money on one especially if I have a working machine.

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