Monday, January 23, 2012


This was a birthday weekend.
Lance was invited to a friend's birthday party.  It was at the skating rink that also has an indoor climbing/jungle gym apparatus/contraption as well as an arcade.  Lance only knew the birthday boy and at age 5/6 in a huge place like we were in everyone kind of did their own thing, so Lance and I had some time to hang out together minus Lily, it was fun.
We played in the arcade first and I got to teach Lance how to play Skee-ball.  After we used up all our tokens we redeemed his tickets for some junk then he played in the indoor whatever then it was time in the party room.
The party room was crazy, it had moving lights on the wall.
the glow party room
  The kids had glow bracelets and necklaces, and they had cups that had lights that looked like they could induce seizures. 
the glow cup

After pizza, soda, and cupcakes we headed back out and Lance got to try roller skating. I wanted to skate myself to see if I could still do it, but it took all my concentration to keep Lance on his feet so I held him around the rink a few time before calling it quits.  We played a little more in the arcade which was kind of lame, most of the games were winning tickets by luck not skill, I say this as though skee-ball requires skill, but it is more than just putting in a token and pulling a handle.
So Lance and I had fun, me being the germ freak would not have chosen to spend the afternoon there, but we went and had fun.
trying out skating

We headed home and had a few hours to rest before our second birthday party, it was my sister birthday. Fortunately, this party was low key and we just enjoyed pizza and cake and the kids helped Amy open her presents.
Yesterday, we "worshipped" at the house of Panera. 
a moment of sweetness
We are looking for a church, but it has been difficult and the last couple of weeks we have spent time together as a family.  After breakfast and a trip to Target which involved finding some good deals since I visited every sale rack and endcap we headed home. 
I prepped for lecture today and then we all headed outside to play.  We try and play outside everyday, it is easy in the spring and summer, but in the winter I hate it, especially when it is cold.  I put on a pair of leggings under my jeans and braved the 36 degrees to play outside.  I felt quite energized after being outside, it was the cure to a blah, cold, overcast day.  I got all my work done for this week (yay!) and did a little grocery shopping.  After fixing dinner, we watched Beauty and the Beast as a family and played with glow sticks. 
glow stick and camera fun

So for a cold, snow-free weekend, it was fun and the cold wasn't so bad.

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