Tuesday, November 29, 2011

i passed!

Despite being sick with a sinus infection the week leading up to the my comprehensive exam, which lead to me feeling crummy and getting little sleep I passed my comps!  So it is official, I have earned a masters of science teaching.  I assumed I had passed, I felt confident about two of the four questions on my exam and the other two weren't terrible they just weren't as amazing as the other two.  So now grad school is over with and I can't believe it only took 2 years to complete the classes, I had assumed with two kids and life as crazy as mine it would take 5, but it is done so now I can continue to teach at the community college and not just provisionally.  So I am done, it feel good to not having to study or work on projects, granted I am working on school work and grading papers, but it isn't as tough, then again, it is isn't everyday like most of my grad classes were.  So I am done, ready for the next chapter.

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