Thursday, September 22, 2011

it's either going to be really good or

really bad.

We have made plans to go to D.C. for the weekend.  I am kind of looking forward to it, and kind of not.  I like to travel and do things, but I do not like getting out of our routine and dealing with overly tired and stimulated grumpy children.   We are going up to see the Solar Decathlon that opens on Saturday, we stumbled upon it a few years ago when they were building the houses and vowed we would come back during an exhibition period so we could REALLY see the houses.  We also might hit up the zoo or the natural history museum, we haven't quite decided yet, either one will be fun, a lot depends on the crowds and weather.  This weekend is the National Book Festival so the National Mall might be a madhouse that we want to avoid.  I am looking forward to getting away and doing something fun and I hope and pray we have a great weekend.   With school for everyone life has been busy and getting away is a fun adventure to break up the dull.  Jeff and Lance are disappointed we aren't staying in a hotel, but why stay in one room when we can stay with my aunt and uncle and have the upper floor of their house?  Though the possible attached metro stop and cable tv of a hotel sounds pretty nice, having to be in one room and having to find food for every meal is not (my aunt and uncle live down the street from an Einstein bros. bagel and our faithful standby, Panera).  I am the planner and it is hard trying not to plan every minute of this trip because I don't want to be disappointed if we don't get it all done and I want to enjoy the moment and not be focusing on what's next (what I have a tendency to do).  So today will be laundry and cleaning and packing since I can't bear to leave a messy house and we are heading out tomorrow after school.  I don't realize how much of a homebody I am until it is time to go away and I kind of don't want to go, but I have a stronger desire to not be someone who never goes anywhere and this desire will help me to pack up my bags and leave.  So though this trip could be really good or really bad, it might just be alright and that's why we are heading out, because why stay at home and do nothing when you can go ride a "train"  aka the metro?

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