Friday, August 26, 2011

one week of Kindergarten

and one week of class.
One week down, many more to come.
This week has been a crazy week. Lance started school, I went back to teaching, we had an earthquake, we felt aftershocks, we had a bad storm that knocked out our power for several hours, and now there is a hurricane approaching the coast, we are fortunately inland enough to not be impacted by the storm, well as long as it continues the way they expect.
What is kind of ironic is how taking Lance to school is getting harder and not necessarily easier.
I guess dropping him off and watching him walk down the stairs and down the sidewalk all by himself is a daily reminder that he is growing up and getting older. He heads down and doesn't look back at all, which makes me kind of sad, I guess I kind of feel as though he has already forgotten about me. I still am still in a bit of shock that my baby is a big boy going to school all day every day. Even though he drove me a little crazy and I could not always get things done in the afternoon, I miss my little buddy. I miss our afternoons that we had alone together, I need to figure out a way for us to do things just the two of us on the weekends because I miss our mornings that we use to spend just the two of us.
So we have survived a week, one more week left of summer vacation for Lily and then we will hopefully be finding out groove and schedule.It is amazing how life changes so quickly, two weeks ago I was wondering what in the heck I was going to do on my free mornings, my free mornings are non-existent now, but it is all good. I am just in awe how time flies whether or not you are having fun.

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