Tuesday, August 30, 2011

after a full week

of Kindergarten, I still feel a bit lost with just Lily and no Lance.
The afternoons are quieter and I am not nearly as productive, which is weird because I don't have Lance constantly at me.
So we have made it through 6 days of school.
Watching Lance walk down the stairs and into school every morning pulls at my heart, I think it would be easier if he rode the bus, I think.
Though I am enjoying my time with just Lily or by myself, and I am happy that Lance is enjoying school, I am sad that we have started school, he will be in school for the next 13 years, that is a long time.
It is crazy to think that a month ago we were headed down to the beach, I had just finished graduate school and the kids had just finished up a week at preschool summer camp. Kindergarten and preschool were on the horizon and I had no clue what I was going to do with my "extra" time. I had no clue that I would get a teaching job and once again juggling it all, I thought once graduate school was done I would have a couple of months to a year before I would start back at work.
Teaching has been interesting. The students are very subdued and it makes it tough because I don't know whether they are completely lost, completely bored, or a combination of both. Also, everything that I try and plan seems to go down in flames. For example, on Monday I prepared a PowerPoint presentation to review the chapter we had almost finished. I got to class tried to turn on the projector and the projector was dead, I ended up having to switch to lecturing with the chalkboard, my graphics couldn't compare to what was on my presentation. I just hope that everything is fixed for tomorrow because organic molecules and just a chalkboard is going to me a long class period of drawing lots of C's, H's, and O's.

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