Wednesday, August 03, 2011

never been so scared

For this beach trip I had wanted Jeff to break some white water kayaks to surf in, but due to lack of time and crazy schedule he never got things coordinated. well our neighbors in the beach house next door rented an ocean kayak and told us we could take it out for a spin, we were excited about the opportunity and when I got back from shopping (almost 5 o'clock), we headed out. We paddled out past the breakers, turned around, surfed in, paddled out and that is when we saw it.
a shark
not just any shark but at least a 6 foot long, girth, BIG shark.
Jeff saw its head and gills, I just saw the gills back, I saw it whip its tail around and swim out to sea, but I have never been so scared, it was beautiful, but very big and we were in a kayak that we could easily tip. I immediately freak out and want to go back to shore immediately, we turn to ride the waves back in, but we didn't align ourselves very well due to my freaking out and we flipped.
To recap- saw a shark big enough to take a chunk out and then 30 seconds later, we flip our boat and we are in the water.
It wasn't deep where we were and me being in panic mode start trying to run to shore, not sure why I thought that running in water would be faster or safer than boat, but Jeff convinced me to get back in, I did and we paddled quickly to shore.
I got on the shore ran over to my mom apologized for going out in the boat at 5 pm and swore I would never do that again and laid on the beach trying to slow down my heart rate and not throw up.
So now over 12 hours later, I think, did I really see what I saw? If Jeff wasn't there I would not have thought so, but he saw it too, but it seems so unreal. It was so scary, but yet so beautiful and so fast, but so creepy because we were not really in deep water. I wish I had my camera and my rational brain knows there was no way I could have snapped a picture, but I guess I just wish I had it so I could confirm we saw what we saw because it seems to unbelievable.
Lesson learned: there are big sharks not too deep at 5 o'clock so don't go swimming or kayaking.
It is going to be a hot one today, I wonder if I will be getting in the water today or will I be too chicken.

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