Wednesday, August 17, 2011

hi ho! hi ho! it's back to work I go

life is so chaotic, only I would get hired to teach 5 days before classes start with no orientation or planning time.
So I finished my application for the community college last week. I got a call yesterday asking when I could start. I explained that I had completed the coursework for my masters just not completed my comprehensive exams, I was told that they would check with HR and call me back. I was not expecting a call back. I got a call back and got a meeting for this afternoon, which I assumed was a job interview.
I was so excited, a possible start teaching at the community college, what I really want to do.
I quickly learned at the meeting/interview that I was basically already hired, I had the classes, I had the experience, we just had to figure out what could work in my schedule.
So we figured something out and I start on Monday.
I am so excited, but yet terrified.
By Monday I have to get materials, read the textbook (that I don't have), plan lectures, make a syllabus, and figure out what in the heck I am doing.
Everything is happening so quickly.
I don't even know where my classroom is or how to long into the programs to check roster or how to copy anything, I know nothing.
This is similar to how I began my first teaching job, just thrown in with no experience and I quickly learned to keep from drowning, barely.
So I am in complete shock that I will be really starting a job on Monday.
and everything is so perfect.
The class is from 11 to 11:50 MWF, so Lily will be in school, so I won't be missing out on her time. I am going to be able to stay at home, yet go back to work.
Now the pay is probably nothing since it is only 1 class, but my foot is in the door, and it is something.
So come Monday, both Lance and I are starting school, I can't believe it.

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