Tuesday, August 16, 2011

grocery rants

So today is grocery day. So as I sit and plan my meals for what is left of the week and figure out what I have and don't have I am reminded by latest grocery pet peeve. I should start off by saying I am no extreme couponer, but I do love store coupons and in the past I would combine them with manufacture coupons and would save quite a bit, but I was dismayed last week when I discovered that Kroger will no longer allow store coupons to be combined with manufacture coupons. Bummer, big bummer! If I would have known this I would have gone to Walmart. When I got home from the store I compared an old store coupon with a new store coupon and sure enough there is a new little line on the back of the coupon that states only one coupon per item, or something like that, basically cannot be combined, bummer!
Which leads me to my next rant: why is it that grocery store shopping has to be so darn complicated? I just want to go to one store and get everything I need.
Walmart is cheaper, especially when you take the time to price match, but I prefer the deli of Kroger and they don't always carry certain products or they do, but not consistently. Kroger is nicer than Walmart, but more expensive unless it is on sale and/or with a coupon, but they do have a gas discount for shopping there which has come in handy especially in times of high gas prices. Food Lion, well I am not familiar with the store set-up and they always are so slow, but they do have a certain products the other two don't carry. On some weeks I end up having to go to three different grocery stores, Walmart for the bulk of what I need, Kroger for the sale/coupon items if I can't price match, and Food Lion for a type of bread and a salad dressing that my kids use instead of ketchup, silly, just silly. So bottom line I am disappointed that Kroger no longer allows me to use a manufacture and a store coupon for an item and as a result I will be do most of my shopping back at Walmart.

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