Monday, July 25, 2011

you've got to be kidding me

I feel horrible, AGAIN!
I thought this was suppose to be summertime, the season of good health and fun in the sun, not colds and sickness.
This summer is seems to be in the running for worst summer ever.
So I think I might have another cold, this is getting ridiculous.
Let's see, I had something allergies or a cold the 9-11th of June which turned into a sinus infection the 19th of June. July 4th weekend, just two weeks after recovering from the pink eye and sinus infection I came down with a definite cold, even a day spent in bed trying to break a fever.
And now I am feeling crummy again.
Now it could be allergies, but it is pretty ironic that on Friday Lily didn't seem to feel to good and had a runny nose, a sore throat, and was sneezing. I didn't know whether it was allergies give her problems or a cold, but now, four days later when I feel the same way she did, I am starting to think it was a cold.
So it is bad enough that my kids keep picking up colds which is more than they did all winter, but they are sharing their love with me, I guess I should be more specific, Lily has shared her germ love with me.
So this summer Lily has given me two colds and one case of the pink eye.
I should note, it is ironic that the past seven weeks when all of this illness has been going around, I have been in class all day and not there to remind my kids to wash their hands immediately after grocery store/playground/library etc, wonder if that has anything to do with anything.
Then again, they both go to preschool which I thought was germ center.
Maybe it is all the stress of my classes.
Who knows, but only 4 more days!
I just pray we all stay healthy during our beach trip so we can have one good week.

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