Wednesday, July 20, 2011

approaching burn out

Halfway through class today will mark halfway through my physiology class.
The glass half full side of me says, almost done, on the home stretch.
The glass half empty says, I have still have to complete and do well on 5 more quizzes, 1 take home exam and one CUMULATIVE exam, the worst is still to come.
My motivation to study, read, learn, make flashcards is decreasing, if I don't understand something I am not very motivated to try and figure it out, this is dangerous. I have made A's in all my classes except one and I want to make an A in this one. 8 more days.
8 more days of spending my whole morning in class.
8 more days of spending part of my afternoon and evening studying.
1 more weekend working on a long, take home test.
Home stretch, halfway there, maybe it would help if we were done with muscles and the cardiovascular system.

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