Wednesday, February 09, 2011


I need a summer beach vacation about now.
I am extremely overwhelmed.
The bills are overwhelming.
The kids and the lack of outside play time is overwhelming.
My graduate class is a lot of work and time, thank goodness this weekend is the last one, at least until March 1 when hopefully another class with start and in April when I have present my project from this class.
Which reminds me I am overwhelmed trying to jump through hoops to get signed up for the class that starts March 1 and I need to get signed up ASAP so I can have financial aid!
Then Jeff is considering moving the store location to a new space and that is a bit overwhelming, we will need more business to support the large rent, but it is a nicer space, but it might have problems on its own.
I am just overwhelmed and feel like I am drowning, not a good feeling.
I just wish I had an easy button.

1 comment:

Nicole - Life in Progress said...

When you find that easy button, will you tell me where to get it? Hoping things slow down for you soon.....


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