Monday, January 03, 2011

we don't get out much

We don't get out much, and now I know why. . .
With two small children, we don't go out to the movies very often, but yesterday we decided to splurge and go see "The Voyage of Dawn Treader." We had two options, the nice, new theater with stadium seating or the older, not nice theater. The older theater offered the movie in 3-D or normal and the nice theater only in 3-D. If you are going to pay $8 I figured go to the nice theater, I was forgetting about the $3.50 surcharge for the 3-D glasses. So we handed over $23 dollars to see the movie, $23 for a movie was harsh and then to make it worse the movie really wasn't that great in 3-D! The movie was entertaining and good, but it would have been just as good not in 3-D, this whole 3-D kick EVERY movie seems to be on is silly. Is it just to make more money? please tell me it is just a phase.
I personally am not a fan of the 3-D, yeah it is kind of cool, but it kind of hurts my head and the glasses do not fit and I have to hold them at a weird angle and adjust them every few minutes, basically it is more of a pain then worth it.
maybe i wouldn't be so opposed to it if you didn't have to buy the 3-D glasses every time. I loved that at the beginning of the movie it said "keep 3-D green by recycling your glasses." I hope people realize the green isn't environmental green, but financial green because they don't have to make new glasses, they just repackage the glasses and re-sell them. Can you not pay the 3-D surcharge and bring your own? In fact I would rather buy a more expensive pair that fit my head and bring my own so I would have a comfortable movie experience, but I doubt that would ever happen. So we kept our 3-D glasses for the kids to play with because if I am going to pay for them I am going to get my money's worth.
Oh and I forgot to mention the $4.75 small soda, if that thing was small, then the large could serve a family of 5. The prices and proportions of movie theater food/drink is RIDICULOUS, no wonder the U.S. has an obesity problem. I know that movie theaters make their money off of their concessions, but I would think more people would pay more for smaller, cheaper food options.
So it will probably be awhile before we go see a movie again, or at least a 3-D movie, or maybe I just need to look into a way to find cheaper movie tickets. . .

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