Saturday, January 01, 2011

a fresh start

Life has been running at warp speed and there has no time for anything, especially blogging.  I finished up the fall semester of grad school, nine hours, 3 classes, all A's!  I worked some at a deli a couple of weekends this fall and worked from home aligning state standards to standardized tests, one thing I hated about teaching, but it pays bills and took up a lot of time.  I shuttled the kids between school, play dates, and everywhere in between.  2010 is done and hopefully the chaos is done with it.
I want to find more balance this year.  I love that every year we can start fresh, start over on day 1 and set goals and work towards being the person we were created to be.
I hate January, I hate winter, unless it is snowing, but I love the new beginning January 1st brings.
The slate is wiped clean and I can set goals and work towards them.
2011 will hopefully be a good year.
No more diapers for Lily- we've been working all week on this one, potty training Lance was WAY easier, but there is no turning back now!
I will finish grad school this summer and hopefully will start teaching part time and earn more income.
I will drink more water and get up early for some alone time every day.
I will tithe and save more.
I will be credit card debt free.
I will read the whole Bible again.
and who knows what else will strike my fancy today.
So my New Year's toast- is "to new beginnings!"

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