Monday, June 14, 2010


I having a hard time finding balance and haven't had time for anything lately.
After a month of nothing I have been getting project after project for the job I accepted in April, the work is great because we really really need the income right now it is just a lot of work and every available Lily free moment has been spent working on it.  I also had an anatomy exam last Tuesday so every other available second was studying and trying to learn all of the origins, inserts, innervations, and actions of all the muscles of the back, trunk, abdomen, and arm, well not all, 53 give or take.  So if every Lily free moment has been spent on work or studying the laundry has not been folded, the floors have not been moped, the rugs have not been vacuumed, the bathroom hasn't been cleaned and the list goes on and on.  So by this weekend the house was a disaster especially since the kitchen got a bit behind in cleanliness since I am in class on Tuesdays and Thursdays and a certain male figure lacks the ability to clean up after dinner and watch the kids.  I keep telling myself that this busyness is just a short situation, especially since Anatomy will be over in a week and every project for work could be the last one for awhile, but in the moment it is hard to find balance and the whole process has got me thinking about how time management is so important and I have got to figure out how to best manage my time so that I can get things done but also be there for the kids not just there in the physical sense, but there mentally.  Kind of ironic, you always want what you can't have, I wanted projects for work and wanted to take graduate school classes, but now that I have and am, I don't really, well at least not at the same time.  Why is it that life seems to be all or nothing sometimes?  Oh and did I mention my goal of waking up early has failed to help me get on track because the kids are now getting up early?   In fact, right now Lance is calling for me from the other room, no rest for the weary, 18 more days till our week at the beach, after the chaos of life right now I can't wait, especially if I will have my work paycheck by then.

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