Thursday, May 27, 2010


this week has been full of endings.
the end of LOST.
but much more importantly, the end of Lance's first year of preschool.
This year has been an incredible year for Lance.
He increased his vocabulary hundredfold.

He developed his social skills.

He learned about shapes, colors, numbers, letters, nursery rhymes and that is just the stuff I could figure out from his limited vocabulary.

He made a best friend.

He became even more independent.

He made all kinds of art, I now have quite a collection.
He just loved school
and I am so happy for him, but a little sad because he is growing up way too fast.
Can he just stay in preschool forever? you know it is fun, he learns things and there aren't the pressures of tests and the class size is small, it is the perfect learning environment.
What is the Noggin saying about "why can't everyday be like preschool?" it is so true.

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