Thursday, May 06, 2010

strawberry season

After preschool on Tuesday we headed up to go pick strawberries.

It was a beautiful afternoon, not too hot and since it was Tuesday it wasn't crowded.

At one point we were the only ones there picking.
Lance was a good helper, he picked strawberries and really enjoyed searching for the perfect one.
Lily just ate and ate and ate.   She was taking them out of my box faster sometimes then I could get them in.
Despite the kids short attention span we managed to pick 20 pounds worth.
The strawberries taste so good and make the grocery store ones seem like they are cardboard.
So we will eat our fill, freeze some, and go back for more because strawberry season only lasts a month and you got to get them while the getting is good.

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Dawna said...

We had so much fun, last year, picking strawberries as a family. I'm going to have to find a place around here to do that, I'm thinking. :-) Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures! It looks as though everyone had fun, too.

I also wanted to drop by to give you an award, which can be found HERE.


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