Monday, May 03, 2010

good things

Good things:
1- in 60 days we will be heading down to Topsail Island for a week at the beach, can't wait

2-there's a trade show May 16-18 at Wrightsville Beach and we are hoping to go and stay at the SunSpree Resort, I am hoping and praying that everything works out because I really want to go!

3- I scored some great finds at some yard sales Saturday morning
a- a Flip-N-Fold to replace the one that burned up in the fire at the shop and it really is great at folding shirts especially in a retail environment
b- a really cute Old Navy jumper for Lil for $1
c- a Cars inflatable air mattress/sleeping bag for Lance for $1 (new $34 and this is in great shape!)
d- 2 long sleeve shirts and a pair of swim trunks for Lance for a total of $1.50
e- How I Became A Pirate, hardcover for $1
f- A Counting Train Puzzle for Lance for $3, that was my splurge
g- Princess Mega-Block Carriage for Lily for $3, my splurge for her
and a few other items, some good finds, love yard sale season!

4- my first biology graduate class starts tomorrow, Human Anatomy, excited and scared all at the same time, the professor uses cadavers in the class and its a night which is a little creepy, but I should learn a whole lot

5- my allergies which have been horrible the last couple of days are improving, this pollen season has been rough and I hope it is mostly over

6- enjoying the warm weather and look forward to summer

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