Monday, April 12, 2010

monday morning

This morning started off badly, both kids awake at 5 am, they did go back to sleep after some time, but I still woke up tired.  Then I stepped on two toys and scraped myself each time and I almost fell down the stairs and scraped my arm trying to catch myself and got no where on the phone with the representatives with FAMIS.
Then we went outside and my bad day turned right around.  It is a beautiful sunny day, not too hot and not too cool.  It was wonderful and I am so thankful. 
I enjoyed:
that the trees now have leaves
which then provides shade for outside play
the azaleas are blooming which brightens up the yard
and even the tulips are still blooming and looking amazing
I love flowers
and it was just perfect for a lunch on the deck.
So despite the rough start, we enjoyed being outside and all thing new thanks to the change of seasons.  It makes me wonder, would I still appreciate the leaves on the trees, the flowers, the deck, and the warm weather if it was like this all year long or is it because it because it comes and goes that I am able to appreciate it?

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