Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Top Ten Songs that Have Gotten Us Through Winter

Not being able to play outside because of snow on the ground has been brutal.  We are not fans of the short days and long nights.  In a little house with two kids and limited outside time we have needed to find ways of getting some energy out.  So we dance.  Here's a our list of Top Ten Songs that have gotten us through winter and helps on rainy days too.   I should admit, some of these songs I don't know the lyrics to so if they are talking about something unappriopriate for children then it went over my head so I figure it isn't bad since if I don't get it. Most of the songs we first heard from the soundtrack of snowboard videos which generally are more unique then the standard play-lists on the radio. 

Counting down from 10 to 1, with 1 our favorite:

10- Shadow of Def by Brave Saint Saturn
this one is old, but funny and makes me laugh, and the kids enjoy dancing to it too

9- Thunder by Nuttin' but Stringz
this we heard this for the first time on Noggin, I like the blend of hip-hop with strings

8- Fly Away by Grits featuring Mac Powell
i love Grits

7- Float On by Modest Mouse
a snowboard movie find

6- Deliverance by Bubba Sparxx
reading the lyrics I realize it isn't that great and there is a bad word, but I never knew it, but this one is bad, yet good, i think another snowboard movie find

5- Kids by MGMT
this is from a snowboard short found on You Tube, "magic flashlights," even if you don't care for snowboarding, this is a cool video and I have no clue what the lyrics may say, but it is a cool sounding song

4- Zero by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
this is the song that Lance LOVES we recorded him dancing to it and he sings a long with some of the lines

3-  Wake Up by Arcade Fire
from Where the Wild Things Are

2-  Daylight by Matt & Kim
I don't know how Jeff found this song, but I love, it is just fun, have no clue what the lyrics may say, but they play it as background music after church so it can't be bad?

and our all-time favorite

1-  One Day by Matisyahu
have you heard this song?  it is awesome!  the lyrics give me goosebumps but it is fun to dance to

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Mandi @ It'scome2this said...

That's a great Top Ten idea!! It's snowing for us (in ATLANTA) AGAIN today ... so I could definitely use this list!! Thanks for linking up:)

Ashley said...

Yeah for GRITS! I used to LOVE rocking out to GRITS in HS/College... and even now, I'll pull them out occasionally for a good dance-time!

Molly said...

I saw Matt & Kim at SXSW last year in Austin and took some really cool pictures of them because it was such a small venue. LOVE their music, and love that the chick is the drummer...look up "good old-fashioned nightmare" and "Grand". Gotta warn you though - in case you ever decide to tune into their shows on youtube or anything - she loves the F-bomb!


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