Saturday, February 27, 2010

so this is normal

Lance has a speech delay.  He has made lots of progress this past year, but he still is not as verbal as a normal almost 4 year old.  We had concerns about his speech when he was 18 months old, but since we had no comparison to what normal was we weren't overly worried, we figured he would talk when he was ready.  With Lily, we had low expectations on her talking, especially since second and third children are normally late talkers, though this isn't the case for her.  Or then again, maybe it is, but since Lance is so delayed her speech seems normal or advanced to us.  Everyday she is saying a new word and though a lot of words sound pretty close the same she is doing something that Lance never did and tries to say new words.  Now with Lily's speech developing so quickly I realize how slow Lance's has been.  I am blown away at her vocabulary at 18 months:
Lily's words:
treat, socks, shoes, booby, nanna (banana), juice, cat, dog, goat, uh-oh, choo-choo, Gigee (name for grandma), Ella (a friend), hi, bye-bye and of course dadda and momma, but she prefers mamma to dadda
I know I am leaving out a few, she is blowing me away with all her words.
At this age Lance could finally say momma, and he said dadda, uh-oh, all gone, bye-bye, what's that, and maybe one or two other words.
Fortunately thanks to speech and preschool Lance's vocabulary has increased to more than 50 words everyday he too has a new word and he is putting more and more words together.  He still has a long way to go, but he is making so much progress.  Hopefully Lily will continue to help Lance with his language development and every day I am blown away by how quickly and Lily says words.  So this is what normal looks like, I had no idea.

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